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How it all works!

As we promised, the process is quick, easy and unique!
Go to The Coach Network

The Coach Network

We have profiles of some of the best credentialed coaches globally and this continues to grow everyday. A carefully curated, global registry of credentialed coaches. Coaching projects across geographies and sectors allow us regular opportunities to select the very best. No more second guessing there!

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The Matching Process

We do a comprehensive diagnostic of client needs and outcomes. Then, our special formula works to identify experienced and effective coaches best suited to your requirements. That sets us up for success!

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Program Management

Our experience in managing small and large coaching assignments across geographies has helped us evolve simple and effective trackers that provide real-time information. Your engagement details are available at a click!

Go to Measuring Success

Measuring Success

We believe that coaching impact can be felt AND measured. Our tools and processes are geared to measure results of the coaching engagement at individual and project level. Our on-the-go diagnostics will wow you!

About the concept

The concept owes its genesis to the concern of clients, coaches and coachees alike.

Client perspective: Our clients constantly sought our help in sourcing quality coaches - too many coaches, confusing credentials and the complexity of predicting efficacy. A problem of plenty! How does one sift through them and figure out who is the best fit for their organization. Clients have burnt fingers and a lot of money in coaching engagements which have had no outcomes. They wanted a platform which is simple to use, quick and different. We said why not!

Coach perspective: As coaching evolves as a preferred tool for leadership development and finds place in the strategic agenda, there seem to be many projects fulfilled through well-connected coaches, not necessarily the best ones. The effort of reaching out, marketing, getting a steady stream of coaching assignments seems to take away from the coaching practice. Why not have a network where the best assignments find the best coaches?

Coachee perspective: We heard from coachees that they would like to know what coaching is all about. They might like to self-sponsor coaching. They would like to be involved in selecting their coaches, perhaps even evaluating a few before they decide on one. Afterall, it is the coachee who is in the driver's seat during the assignment. Can there be a place where I can find credible information and advisory on how I can go about it?

What do we do differently? Each coach is carefully selected by validating credentials. As coaches offer pro-bono coaching services for our NGO clients, we observe, record, evauate coaches at work and bring the best to this network. Comprehensive briefing, special match-making software, our understanding of client needs come together to quickly and effectively identify the best fit profiles for an assignment. We follow a transparent system of coach introduction and allocation.

Once the engagement starts, we help the client project-manage the engagement by tracking the project in real-time, available at a click to the client, coachee and coach without compromising on confidentiality. The sponsor has real-time access to number of sessions, initial and final ratings on objectives, billing, invoicing, status etc. A client group can draw reports on leader feedback about their coaching journey, level of excitement building up in the coaching group and track project completion.

Our Founding Team

Rajat Garg

Leadership Coach, Mentor Coach and Speaker
An award winning leadership coach with extensive experience working with CXOs & teams and helping them succeed. More…

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